Emma BULL and Will SHETTERLY are two popular science fiction and fantasy writers who have each written over half-a dozen award-winning novels, numerous short stories and, together, created and edited the popular
Liavek anthology series for Ace Books.

Ms. Bullís novels,
War for the Oaks, Falcon, Bone Dance and Finder were all top ten best-sellers in the genre. Their books have drawn critical praise from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Publisherís Weekly and many other prestigious sources. Their screenplay, Dogland (based on Will's novel), is currently under option.  Another, William Tell, was in development for TNT.

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Books -- by Emma Bull

Freedom and Necessity (Tor, 1997).

Finder (Tor, 1994).

The Princess and the Lord of Night (HBJ, 1994).

Bone Dance (Ace, 1991).

Falcon (Ace, 1989).

War for the Oaks (Ace, 1987).

Books -- by Will Shetterly

Thor's Hammer (Random, 2000).

(Tor, 2000).

, (Tor, 1997).

Nevernever (Tor, 1995).

Elsewhere (Tor, 1992).

The Tangled Lands (Ace, 1989).

Witch Blood (Ace, 1986).

Cats Have No Lord (Ace, 1985).

Books -- by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

Double Feature (NESFA, 1993).

Liavek: Grand Festival (Ace, 1990).

Liavek: Spells of Binding (Ace, 1988).

Liavek: Wizardís Row (Ace, 1987).

Liavek: The Players of Luck (Ace, 1986).

Liavek (Ace, 1985).

Comic Books by Will Shetterly

Captain Confederacy #1-#4 (Marvel, 1991).

Captain Confederacy #1-#12 (SteelDragon, 1986-1988).

Screenplays by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

Dogland (2000).

William Tell (1998).

Eddi and the Fey


Nevernever: included among the International Reading Association's 20 favorite books of US teenagers.

Elsewhere: winner, Minnesota Book Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Finder: finalist, Minnesota Book Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction; nominee, American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults.

Bone Dance: finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards; 2nd place winner of the Philip K. Dick Award.

War for the Oaks: finalist, Mythopoeic Society award; winner, Best First Novel, Locus.



"Ms. Bull has unabashed enthusiasm for the mythic dimensions of adventure fiction"

- New York Times.


"Everything, from scenes of suspense to scenes of high emotion, is deftly done." - The Washington Post.

"Ms. Bull can weave a web of magic and truth around her characters... This stylishly dark piece displays the author's virtuosity with pathos and command of melodious language." - Publisher's Weekly.

"Delightful.... The tragedy seeps through the thrills, humor, and relationships so slowly that one finds the tears on one's cheeks with a shock." - School Library Journal.


"Shetterly has just enough distance from his hero to shape [his] troubled journey with skill and conviction, too little distance to patronize." -The Village Voice Literary Supplement.

"...a gritty, vivid portrait of a half-familiar world ... Elsewhere works perfectly." - Newsday.

"Elsewhere breaks ground that other writers will certainly try to cultivate." - Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Cats Have No Lord:

"The first-rate world building, the unique cast of characters, and the author's clever whimsey make it absorbing entertainment. Recommended." - Booklist.